4 Ways Interior Painting Services Help You Save Money on Home Improvements

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Is a steady diet of home renovation shows tempting you to knock down your walls to create an “open concept?” Late-night scrolling on Instagram leaving you with a bit of kitchen envy? Has your goal of buying your dream house been delayed, causing you to stay in your current “starter home” a bit longer? Before you get your credit card out and call a general contractor, consider the unexpected ways interior painting services can deliver the “wow” factor, without the debt and the chaos that a total reno may bring.

Real Estate, Renovations, and Refreshes

Between the rollercoaster real estate market and an unpredictable post-pandemic economy, it may make sense to refresh an existing home, rather than buy a new one. Or maybe you just purchased a home and the budget you intended for updates was spent in a bidding war. It’s still possible to elevate your style without a renovation-level investment of time and money, adding value to your home.

Let’s look at four ways that interior painting services can make a big impact on a more modest budget:

  1. Repainting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  2. Repainting your home’s trim
  3. Removing your home’s textured ceilings
  4. Repainting your front door

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The Cost of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

When homeowners are eyeing home improvement projects, bathrooms are the most popular, followed by kitchens. Kitchens and bathrooms are also the most expensive updates. As you can imagine if you’re replacing flooring, countertops, tile, cabinets, appliances, and light fixtures your budget can blow up pretty quickly.

Bathroom remodels can range from $2,500 to $30,000 depending on the size, the quality of your materials and fixtures, and whether or not you need to enlist the help of a plumber. The average cost usually lands at about $10,000. The good news is that because most homes have more than one bathroom this update is likely to wreak less havoc in your home.

Kitchens are typically more expensive. Home Advisor reports that the average cost of a kitchen remodel is more than $25,000. However, if your kitchen is larger, you’re moving appliances around, and using top-of-the-line finishes you may spend more than $100,000. This doesn’t include the price of the major disruption it can be to your daily life. (Zapping dinner in your garage microwave and washing dishes in your bathtub will get old after a week–or eight!)

These numbers may make an update feel out of reach. But don’t give up yet. The power of paint can give rooms in your house a completely new look and feel–with a lot less noise, dust, and chaos! 

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Transform Your Cabinets with Professional House Painters

And considering that a minor kitchen upgrade generally yields you a better ROI than a more involved one,  this might be a great place to start your refresh.

Depending on the age and condition of your cabinets, a professional paint contractor can help you brighten your kitchen with a swash of white or make it pop with a bold jewel-tone island. (If you need some inspiration, check out these kitchen cabinet color recommendations from Better Homes and Gardens.)

Transitioning from a darker to a lighter color? You may need to have your cabinets sanded, stripped, and primed before painting them. A professional painter will remove the doors and drawers to paint your cabinets, and possibly pull out your appliances.

To complete your look, update your hardware in a style that complements your new decor.

You can also have your bathroom cabinets painted or stained in a fresh finish.

All of the Trimmings: Rails, Baseboards, Windows, and Doors

When it comes to excitement, we’re not going to pretend that painting your baseboards is on par with putting in a chef’s grade kitchen. However, keeping your trim looking fresh makes a major difference in the overall look of your home. Chipped, peeling or faded paint gets attention, but not the kind you want.

On the other hand, eye-popping, freshly painted trim, whether it be your baseboards, windows, or doors keeps your house looking current.

One trim piece you may not have considered is your railings. If the current stain color is not to your liking you can have them restrained to another color that matches your other updates. 

(Finally) Remove Your Popcorn Ceilings

The 1970s called, they want their ceilings back. 

Popcorn ceilings may hide imperfections in your ceiling, however, they don’t hide the age of your home and are generally a turn-off for buyers. Some older popcorn ceilings may even contain asbestos. Professional interior painting services can retexture your ceilings for a smooth finish.

Refinishing or Repainting Your Front Door

Your front door is on the front line of your home and is subject to moisture, sun, and insects. It’s also part of the “first impression” team of your home. 

A new wooden front door can cost anywhere between $200-$5,000 depending on the features. That price doesn’t include installation. A painting pro can do the work of sanding, sealing, priming, and painting (or varnishing) your door for a beautiful upgrade. A new color is a simple way to make a big difference in your curb appeal

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