Your Guide to Choosing the Best Living Room Paint Colors for 2022

Best Interior Paint Colors

You’ve heard “home is where the heart is,” countless times. But over the past two years, the home has become where our office is, our school is, our house of worship is, and maybe even our movie theater. Even as we are getting back into our old routines, our living rooms will always be a place where families gather and memories are made. A coat of paint can make a world of difference in giving new life to the room that brings everyone together. Without further adieu, let’s look at the best living room paint colors of 2022.

The Best Living Room Paint Colors for Your Home

Our living rooms get some of the highest traffic and are the hospitality hub for most houses. This is why painting the living room is undoubtedly one of the best investments when it comes to picking a room in your home to refresh.

The next step is finding the shade that suits your mood and your style. Feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of color choices? Let us give you some inspiration!

1. Agreeable Gray

Let’s kick off our list with our favorite interior color, Agreeable Gray. A soft, neutral shade (hence the “agreeable”), this gray doesn’t lean blue or pink like some others.

If gray equals “drab” or “boring” in your mind, think again. This hue gives you the perfect backdrop to highlight vibrant art, patterned throw pillows, or maybe a bold couch. And if you decide to change out your furnishings, the timeless shade makes it easy to update your look without repainting. Finally, gray walls also tend to make rooms feel more open and spacious.

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2. Evergreen Fog and October Mist

If you want to know what the trending living room paint colors are look no further than those crowned “Color of the Year” by the design world. Sherwin Williams chose Evergreen Fog, which is described as a “versatile and calming hue, a chameleon color of gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.” Harnessing the outdoors, Evergreen Fog provides a backdrop for other natural neutrals to shine.

Benjamin Moore also went vaporous “gray meets green” vapor with its pick for color of the year, October Mist, a gentle sage.

3. Balanced Beige and Stone Hearth

While gray has gotten plenty of attention as “the neutral of the moment” in recent years, beige has been a go-to paint color for both builders and homeowners for far longer. And there’s a reason for this. A timeless classic with amazing versatility, beige can be anything but basic. There’s a full range of options that skew either cool or warm with a host of shades in between.

We’d like to suggest Sherwin Williams’ Balanced Beige as one of the best beige colors for your living room. Now admittedly there are a lot of opinions among design experts as to whether it is a true beige, greige, or taupe. But debates aside, this neutral with hints of gray will add warmth to your room while still complimenting a range of flooring and furnishings.

Another popular choice in this family is Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth.

4. Mellow Blue

Memphis’s own Farrell-Calhoun recommends a soft, cloudy blue as their favorite paint color for homes in 2022. A living room awash in Mellow Blue becomes a calming sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world.

5. Flan

Another option that conveys tranquility is pale-peach-hued Flan, by Sherwin Williams. This balmy color will soften any room and complement a variety of styles from coastal to feminine floral. Light apricot and blush paints can function as neutrals and pair beautifully with both warm and cool accent colors.

6. Venetian Yellow

Gray skies? No problem. Warm living room paint colors like Sherwin Williams’ Venetian Yellow, bring the sunshine inside. Regardless of the forecast, a buttery, happy color might be just what’s needed to lift your mood. With a full spectrum of yellows from pale chiffon to bold buttercup, there are countless paint choices to brighten your room and your day.

7. Argyle or Naval

Feeling adventurous? Rich jewel tones can seem like a daring move when it comes to paint, but maybe after this year, you’re ready to make a statement. Deep emerald greens and sapphire blues like Sherwin Williams Argyle or Naval can add instant sophistication to your living room and elevate your design. Associated with spring, green also symbolizes renewal.

Other Factors When Choosing a Paint Color

While these colors are great starting points when choosing a paint color, be sure to look at a few shades in either direction for lighter, deeper, or brighter options that might be a better fit in your space.

Beyond the mood and style you want to evoke in your home, there are practical considerations you’ll need to take into account when finding the right shade. Room size, ceiling height, adjoining rooms, and existing flooring all play a part in finding the perfect palette. Add to that the impact of natural light and shadows depending on the sun exposure your room receives and even neutral colors can look completely different depending on what direction the room is facing.

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Let Us Help You Pick the Perfect Living Room Paint Color

If choosing a paint color feels overwhelming, an experienced residential painter like Riggins Painting can make sure you get it right the first time. Or maybe you’ve found a color you love and are ready to call in the experts to get the job done. We’ve been trusted by hundreds of Memphis-area homeowners, like you, to create beautiful spaces you’ll never want to leave. Ready to paint your living room? Schedule a free estimate.

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