Your Guide to Choosing the Best Living Room Paint Colors for 2022

Best Interior Paint Colors

You’ve heard “home is where the heart is,” countless times. But over the past year home has become where our office is, our school is, our house of worship is, and maybe even our movie theater. According to Home Advisor’s State of the Home Spending Report, 85% of people are spending more time in their home and 41% of respondents invested in home improvements last year to make their home better suited for their lifestyle.

When you’re not leaving the house as much, you’re more likely to notice wear and tear. Things that were minor irritations, like the paint color left behind by the previous owner, are now glaring at you seven days a week. More time at home also means more scuffs and scratches on your existing furnishings. Maybe your home is feeling less like a sanctuary and more like a source of frustration. What if one simple update could make a space you’re tired of a space you never want to leave?

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The Easy Way to Know What it Costs to Paint the Interior of a House

cost to paint interior of house

The idea of tackling an interior painting project probably leaves you feeling one of two ways: like a DIY boss or completely overwhelmed. There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re deciding whether to hire a painter or paint your own home. And there are even more variables once you decide to channel…

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Increase Your Home’s Value With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Does Painting Increase Your Home Value?

Maybe you’re preparing to sell your house soon. Or you’re trying to make wise home improvement decisions now to be in a good position to increase your home’s value over time. There are strategic ways you can paint your home that will boost your return on investment and possibly the sale price of your home.…

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Painting on a Budget? Check Out These 5 Practical Cost-Saving Tips

painting on a budget

There are many motivators for updating your home’s paint including changing the look of a room, repurposing a space, matching walls to new furnishings, freshening faded or dated paint, or selling your home. However, the cost of painting (or at least people’s perception of it) is one of the top reasons people put off actually…

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