Considering a Cabinet Painting Project? Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Get Started

A home improvement project like painting cabinets can give your home interior the updated look you crave without the hassle of a major construction project. However, don’t rush into a project like this without a plan.

Cabinet painting may seem easy enough at first but painting projects like these quickly take on a life of their own. If you don’t prep your project correctly or if you don’t have the right tools and equipment on hand, you could be in for a big mess.

Cabinet Painting Dos and Don’ts Every Homeowner Should Know

cabinet painting dos and don'ts

In this cabinet painting guide, we will unpack everything you need to know before you paint your cabinets. Learn the pros and cons of doing it yourself and decide if this is a project you want to do yourself or outsource to a professional painting company.

Cabinet painting is a simple way to brighten up a room and add your own unique design. If you are considering touching up cabinets in your home, there are some basic factors to take into account before getting started on your interior painting project.

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Start With a Project Plan

Before starting any work, it is important to get a rough idea of what will be required from start to finish. This vital first step is needed to ensure you are not exceeding your budget or skill set.

For example, you may need to lightly sand the cabinets or buy samples to find the right type of paint. Also, consider the walls around your cabinets and whether or not wallpaper removal is necessary. These jobs will require specific types of tools that you need to plan for in advance.

The most important part of a DIY cabinet paint job is knowing what you are getting into before you begin. If you cannot afford the materials or do not think you can handle the scope of work on your own, call a professional painting company for assistance.

Gather Necessary Materials For Your Cabinet Painting Project

gather necessary materials to paint

If you’re sure you want to tackle this project yourself, it’s time to gather the materials you need to paint your cabinets. With the end result in mind, consider what materials you will need to achieve a smooth finish and professional look. Don’t forget to budget and consider how much of each item is necessary to complete the job.

Some common materials needed for cabinet staining or painting are:

  • Hardware
  • Paint scraper
  • Sandpaper
  • Brushes and Sprayers
  • Paint
  • Finishing coat

Before you prepare the painting surface, you may need to disassemble cabinet doors and remove any drawers or other fixtures. It helps to have basic tools on hand before you begin. Be sure to put these fixtures away for safekeeping until the end of the project. If necessary, have them soaking or being deep cleaned while you work on prepping the rest of the project.

Scrape the Paint

In most cases, a cabinet painting project starts with taking off the existing paint, which may consist of several layers. A hand-held paint scraper is inexpensive and effective but it’s also labor-intensive.

Depending on the size of the cabinets and the amount of paint built up from previous attempts, scraping paint from your cabinets could take several hours. If this is your first time doing a project like this, plan your time accordingly.

Sand the Doors

Sanding the cabinet doors is the next step in the process. Decades of old paint needs to be chipped away and the rough surfaces must be smooth before applying paint. If you’re like us, this section conjures images of Mr. Miagi and conditioning Daniel-son for epic karate moves. And to be honest, there’s something to the discipline of sanding that makes a big difference in the finished product.

This part of the process is fairly easy but requires a steady hand. Use a repetitive motion in even strokes applying consistent pressure throughout the project for best results. Wipe the area thoroughly but lightly with a damp cloth to remove any construction dust and debris. It is important to always apply paint on a freshly cleaned surface.

Start to Paint

Congratulations! The prep work is complete and you are finally ready to paint. Quick, even strokes or pressure evenly applied with a roller will yield the best results. Professionals often use sprayers to achieve the smoothest look possible, but if you’re not familiar with using a sprayer we don’t advise trying to do it yourself.

Allow ample time to dry before applying the second, and third coats. Be sure to check for small defects or debris such as hair in between coats. If you do run into a problem, let the piece dry, then begin again with the sanding process to remove the debris before repainting that section.

Rehang the Cabinets

Once the painting is finished hanging the cabinets is the final step in the process. Hopefully, you did not try to paint the cabinet doors while they were still attached to the frames. This is a bad idea for several reasons. Trust us, you don’t want to deal with paint runs and missed spots that are hard to reach. The best way to paint is to physically remove the cabinet doors from their hinges.

Professional cabinet painters always remove and rehang your cabinets for you. They will take great care to ensure that your cabinets are not scratched or damaged in the process.

Are You Ready to Paint Your Cabinets?

It’s appealing and sometimes exciting to attempt a DIY project like cabinet painting. But in the end, it is often more cost-effective and efficient to allow a professional to handle renovations. Experts can make short work of mistakes and have your cabinets repainted and reinstalled in no time.

It just makes the most business sense to have professionals handle repainting projects whenever possible. They are faster, more efficient, and insured against all the little stains or accidents that you may make if you attempted the same project on your own.

We Strive to Be the Best Cabinet Painters in Memphis!

If you’re second-guessing your cabinet painting abilities, it may be time to consider professional painting services in Memphis, TN. We would be happy to offer a residential painting estimate and suggest a project plan that fits within your schedule.

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