Choosing Interior Paint Colors

How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Choosing the right interior paint color for your interior painting can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips of the trade:

1. Understand your decorating style and what inspires you concerning interior design and interior paint colors.

  • Take some time to Research on Pinterest, Instagram, Google and the like, to determine what styles and configurations you like to see in the prospective room because seeing is believing!
    Living Room Paint Colors

    2. Pick your color based on décor and focal points in the room.

  • Choose a color that enhances the beauty of the décor in the room. Take some time to inspect the various colors in your decorative rug, wall hangings, furniture, etc. and play off those. In the image below the focal point is the wooden beams and doors.
interior paint colors in foyer

      3. Neutral colors are safe, reliable and sometimes the best choice.

  • Neutral interior paint colors oftentimes are the best at enhancing the features in your home. Sometimes the best choice is simple.
    popular gray paint colors

    4. Make use of Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.

  • Snap a photo of the room you like painted and upload it to the visualizer. SW Color Visualizer
  • Remember when using this tool it will not be an exact representation of how your room will look because the lighting in the room and the sheen you choose will play a big part.
    color visualizer

    5. You will need to purchase up to 3 samples of the main colors you feel are a good fit.

  • Most importantly, apply the color samples on 3 separate poster boards so that you can move them around the room at different times of the day and night. Again, natural and artificial lighting will play a huge role in how the interior paint color will present which is why it is important to apply the samples to a sample board that you can move around and not directly to the wall.
paint color, sample board

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