Drywall Damage? Why You Should Trust an Interior Painting Service for the Repairs

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If you’ve had unexpected damage to your home due to a plumbing leak or an insect infestation the entire process can be overwhelming. First, there’s the initial panic of calling a plumber, pest control company, mold remediation service, and possibly your insurance company. Then you’re left with the aftermath of repairing your home’s damaged drywall so it looks like it never happened. You may be wondering who is the best contractor to handle drywall repair? The right interior painting service has the expertise to not only fix or replace your damaged drywall or trim, but they can ensure a beautiful, professional finish. 

Let’s look at five types of damage to your home’s interior and why a drywall and painting contractor should be your next call.

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Five Reasons You May Need Painting and Drywall Repair

1. Water Damage

If you’ve ever been sitting in your home and suddenly felt a drip, drip coming from the ceiling, or have seen water pooling under your carpet, you know it’s a homeowner’s nightmare. Even after you have identified the offending pipe and your leak has been repaired there’s the aftermath of the water damage. Water damage after a leak can include:

  • Stains on your ceiling
  • Buckling floors
  • Mildew in your carpets
  • Soggy drywall
  • Rotting trim
  • Peeling or blistering paint
  • Mold

Depending on the size of the leak, you may need a professional remediation company to take up your flooring, cut holes in your drywall, remove trim, and run fans or dehumidifiers to dry your home out. While this is necessary to prevent mold growth and survey the damage, it makes a huge mess. After the initial clean-up remediation companies often offer services to rebuild your walls and flooring. However, only a professional painter has the expertise to deliver a flawless cosmetic result, especially if you have a textured wall or ceiling. A painter can do the (literal) heavy lifting of replacing drywall and priming and painting the affected areas.

2. Mold

Mold can grow just 24 to 48 hours after a leak in your home. Water leaks are one cause of mold on your home’s walls, but they are not the only ones. Humidity from steam showers and faulty washer or dryer hook-ups can trap mold-causing moisture, particularly in small spaces. 

If your house is not properly insulated, large temperature differences between the outside and inside of your home can cause condensation to build up on your interior walls. One of the most common places for moisture to accumulate is at the corners because they typically are the least insulated parts of a room. Humidity and condensation, if untreated can lead to mold. 

Not only is mold growth hazardous to your health, but it’s also unsightly. A residential painter can handle the paint and drywall repair after you’ve treated the mold.

Memphis painters can also use additives in paint formulas to stave off future mold growth and help you choose the best paint to make sure your fresh coat of paint lasts.

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3. Condensation on Window Trim

Condensation accumulates on windows in the winter months when the outside air is cold and your home is warm. Foggy, streaked windows are generally more annoying than problematic, however over time excess moisture on your window can cause wood rot, mildew, and mold. Dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, and keeping doors open can help reduce moisture build-up in your home. If you already have water damage to your trim, especially if it’s in several areas of your home, you may want to hire a professional to seal the windows and make cosmetic repairs.

4. Insect Damage

Did you know that termites damage an estimated 600,000 homes in the U.S. each year? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that translates to billions of dollars in structural damage annually, and property owners spend over two billion dollars to treat termites. 

Termites feast on the glue and paper on the front and back of drywall creating hollow and brittle patches that may collapse to the touch. Once you’ve had a pest control company eliminate your pests, these patches of drywall need to be removed and replaced. A professional painter with drywall repair experience can ensure these new sections blend in with the existing panels and paint.

5. Wear and Tear

Sometimes “life” is the culprit when it comes to damage to your home. Homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. Over time this results in nail holes or pops in your walls or dents and dings in your home’s trim. Maybe you ripped your drywall while removing wallpaper.  Some of these minor repairs can be tackled (and spackled!) on your own. However, local painters in Memphis should also be able to address these cosmetic repairs as part of a larger painting project.

Repairing Past Damage and Ensuring a Flawless Future

Not only can an interior painting service repair prior damage to your paint and drywall, but they can take steps to help your finish last. These may include helping you choose a paint finish that stands up to humidity, sealing gaps around your window trim, and using stain-blocking primer for areas that have been damaged by water.

Even if catastrophe hasn’t struck, it may just be time for a fresh coat of paint. When you’re considering painters in Memphis make sure you hire pros that can address any needed touch-ups to your drywall or trim.

Your Memphis Interior Painting Service for Repairs (Or a Refresh!)

When it comes to restoring your home to its original condition, you don’t just want it done fast, you want it done right. Let us take fix your mess and take away your stress with our expert paint and drywall repair. We focus on all of the details from start to finish to leave your home looking beautiful. We serve residential and commercial clients in the Greater Memphis area including Bartlett, Cordova, Collierville, Lakeland, Eads, and Germantown. Schedule an appointment today and discuss your home project

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