Interior Paint Prep for Your Next Home Painting Project

Preparation is the secret to achieving a professional-quality paint job. Without the proper interior paint prep, there’s very little chance the finished project will look as sharp as it could. This article will tell you everything you need to do for a successful interior painting project.

Paint Prep Furniture Protection

Unless you’re working in an empty room, you’re going to want to protect your furniture. Skipping this step opens you up to the risk of damaging valuable furniture. Simply put all the furniture into the center of the room or remove it entirely. If you leave it in the room cover your furniture with painter’s plastic.

Wall Plate Removal

Once your furniture is protected you’ll want to remove all the light switch and outlet covers. Also remove any vent covers. You can choose to paint around these covers, but you’ll notice the separation and it won’t look as good. And it will be more tedious.

Floor Coverings

The next part of your interior paint prep is laying out the floor coverings in the area you’ll be working. If you’re painting a wall, it’s a good idea to provide cover at least 3 feet away from the wall. If you’re painting a ceiling, cover the entire floor. Canvas drop cloths are the best coverings for carpet. They’re easy to spread out and stay in place without tape. Drips and splatters will not soak through canvas, but a heavy spill will, so be cautious.

Ladders and Scaffold

If you’ll be painting anything more than a foot or so above your head, you’ll want the right platform support. For most jobs a simple stepladder will be enough. If you’re working on a stairwell or vaulted room, you’ll want a scaffold system. Make sure your scaffolding is set up correctly and securely before using it.


The next step is to patch walls. Patching will take care of any holes from hanging pictures. Even if you want to hang the picture back in the same spot, patch it, then paint over it.

Surface Cleaning

Before you start painting you need to remove any substances on the surface you want to paint. If you skip this step of interior paint prep, the paint will not adhere and peel off. Dry debris like dust and pet hair can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth. Grease should be washed off with soap and water.

Trim Treatment

Painters tape is your friend here. Tape protects the trim, while also creating a smooth, crisp line when removed. A paint job that has utilized painter’s tape always comes out looking better. You’ll be surprised by how much transition lines matter to a room’s appearance.

Emergency Clean-Up

This interior paint prep step is easy and critical. Before you open the first can of paint, make sure you have something close at hand to wipe up spills. If you’re using latex paint have water and rags ready. If you’re using oil-based paint have mineral spirits or the paint thinner ready.

Ready to Paint Your Interior?

If you’re ready for a  new interior paint job we can help. We use the highest quality paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams to ensure you get a finish that looks great and lasts. Call today or contact us here and tell us about your project. 

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