Picking the Right Paint – What to Know

When it comes to picking the right paint for your home it the process can be confusing. You have a lot of options, and you want to feel confident you chose the best one. This article will give you a better idea of what to consider. You’ll learn how paint is categorized and what it means. And hopefully, you’ll be more confident when it comes to picking paint for your next project.

Which Kind of Paint Should you Choose?

Paint usually comes in oil or latex. Latex is the more commonly preferred choice because of its ease of clean up and long lasting durability. Latex paint also tends to be more fade resistant and breathes better than oil. Oil based paint is good for priming real wood moldings and trims because it tends to seal stains and knots from wood better than latex.

Which Sheen Should I Choose?

Glossier paint is easier to clean up. If you have small children and the room your painting gets a lot of traffic go for a high gloss sheen. High gloss is easier to clean. The only downside is it make blemishes and imperfections on your wall more noticeable.

If you have walls with lots of imperfections, a flat or matte paint is a better choice. The downside is these paints don’t stand up well to a good cleaning and tend to show dirt more. Eggshell is perhaps the most popular sheen, as it hides imperfections like a flat, but is easier to wash. It gives you the best of both worlds.

Which Color Should I Choose?

When it comes to picking the right paint most people focus on color first. So how do you choose the right color? If you’re in the processing of selling your house it’s a good idea to go with a white or off-white color for your interior walls. This allows the new owner to easily cover the walls with the color of their choice. If you’re painting for yourself, you need to decide what kind of look you want first.

Paint that Creates a Soothing Look

Shades of blue are always good for a soothing feel. They tend to do well in bathrooms and bedrooms. Lighter blues, lavenders, pinks and soft yellows create a more romantic feeling of tranquility and restfulness in a room. Choosing a lighter shade of wither cool or warm colors creates a calm ambience in a room.

Paint for an Elegant Look

You can turn a simple living room into a more elegant one by using varying shades of neutral colors. Almond walls with red toned browns on the trim go great together. Neutral colors give you more flexibility to change the feel to any room. Varying shades of rust, mahogany or garnet can add instant elegance and a feeling of earthiness and richness to a room.

Paint for a Vibrant Look

Colors like orange, gold, red, and dark purple will liven up a room. You can complement these colors by selecting two next to each other such as gold and orange, then one from the opposite side  of the color wheel. 

Need Help Picking the Right Paint for Your Next Project?

If you need help picking the right paint for your new interior paint project we can help. We use the highest quality paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams to ensure you get a finish that looks great and lasts. Call today or contact us here and tell us about your project. 

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