Popular Colors for a Bedroom and How to Pick the Perfect Paint

New year. New you. New bedroom? If you’re looking for popular colors for a bedroom you’re in the right place for some help with picking your palette.

A bedroom is where we begin and end our days. Clutter, abundant street light, too much noise, or the blue light from our phones can make it hard to relax or settle into sleep. While we can’t control all of the factors–like the ambitious neighbor mowing their lawn at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday– there are some things we can do to foster a serene environment through design. 

The right bedroom environment can provide a refuge that helps you feel recharged and renewed. Your children’s bedrooms may be a happy place where you make memories while reading “just one more story” or rock them to sleep. Truthfully paint shades for the bedroom may be the most important ones you choose when it comes to setting the mood. 

Before we get into color psychology let’s think of some practical considerations when choosing the best bedroom color for your space.

Timeless vs. Trends: What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom? 

Most painting pros recommend painting your walls every 5 to 15 years, however, this can vary wildly depending on how well you’ve maintained your home. High-traffic areas may show more wear and tear than less-used spaces. If you make a habit of wiping down your walls then the paint should last longer. You may be thinking, “I came here to find popular paint colors for a bedroom, how’s this relevant?”

Depending on how often you plan to have your house painted you may want to think beyond the trend of the moment before you choose a paint color, especially for your child. 

Your 9-year-old who is currently Harry Potter-obsessed may tire of their Hogwarts-inspired room as they approach their teen years.

That said, sometimes the entire point of painting your walls is to give your room a refresh that feels current. Regardless of your vision, just ask yourself, “is this a color I am happy to commit to for the next (fill-in-the-blank) years?”

Room Size and The Best Color for Bedrooms

Sometimes bold and dark is the right choice for not just coffee but bedroom paint. However, if your room is small dark colors will make it feel smaller. Lighter shades and neutrals open up the space and generally evoke a more serene vibe.

When it comes to color a little goes a long way. We get it, when you’re looking at a color swatch the colors on the lighter end of the spectrum can seem too fair. However, you’d be surprised how much pop they have once applied to a 10’ x 8’ bedroom wall. The number of windows and what kind of sun exposure a room gets will also impact how deep the shade looks on your walls. Put a sample color on multiple walls and look at it morning, afternoon, and evening before you commit.

If you have your heart set on a deeper paint shade but feel it’s a bit much for the entire room, consider using it for a “feature” wall behind your bed and using a lighter shade or neutral on the others. You can also use 

How Furnishings Impact What Color is Good for a Bedroom

Another consideration when choosing a good color for your bedroom is whether you plan to incorporate your current furnishings. For example, if you have a dark espresso-colored bed set a sunny yellow might not be the best hue for your walls. Likewise, a cool slate blue paint might not be the best match for a creamy, vanilla-painted dresser.

If you’re planning a refresh without replacing the furniture don’t underestimate the power of new bedding, rugs, draw pulls, wall art, pillows, and/or lamps to update the look of your room in a budget-friendly way. 

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Best Colors for the Bedroom: Our 2023 Picks

Drum roll, please…

Now that we’ve given you some practical considerations, let’s give you some ideas for the best colors to paint your bedroom. 

1. Blushes, rosés, and petal pinks

Sherwin Williams’ Intimate White is a delicate barely-there pink that creates an inviting backdrop for gold accents and creamy neutrals for a modern, glam look. Or if you want to go full-on feminine, pair it with garden greens and floral patterns. Benjamin Moore’s Pristine or Soft White are also great options in this color family.

These trendy subdued hues are a great option for a nursery, a teen bedroom, or any room you’d like to wash in a perfect petal pink. Unlike bubble gum pink, blush tones are subtle and sophisticated. A “grown-up” pink if you will.

bedroom paint ideas

Proof that blush shades are popular colors for a bedroom this year, Sherwin Williams named Redend Point, a blush beige that skews a bit mauve, its 2023 Color of the Year. Benjamin Moore chose a bold, bright coral-leaning pink, Raspberry Blush, which may be a great accent option for furniture or decor.

2. Off-White, Oatmeal, and Other Warm Neutrals

Gray has had its heyday as the neutral “cool kid” for the past several years. However, designers and homeowners are now gravitating towards warmer shades.

Beige does not have to mean bland. Earth tones can be a beautiful backdrop for other nature-inspired hues creating a warm sanctuary to unwind in. Some serene options include Sherwin Wiliams’ Natural Linen, a fresh beige, and Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak, a versatile off-white chameleon that compliments countless decor styles. 

For a warmer white try Benjamin Moore’s Timid White or Creamy, by Sherwin Williams.

These timeless neutrals are great foundational colors that will allow you to easily change out furniture and decor for a fresh look.

3. Sky and Sea: Moody Blues and Greens

With so many hues blue is a popular bedroom color for master suites and children’s rooms. A sky-blue nursery can easily transition to a “big boy room.” 

Serenely by Benjamin Moore is a misty, neutral blue that will transport you to the spa instantly. Iced Slate and Lakeside are other light blue options that lean more gray.

what is a good color for a bedroom

If you’re looking for an alternative to pink for your daughter aqua is always a fun one. Swimming by Sherwin Williams and Antigua Aqua by Benjamin Moore bring the beach inside.

For a super-fresh look, check out neon celery, which is more pale than pop, or Van Alen Green, a sage shade in Benjamin Moore’s historic collection. 

We hope these suggestions have gotten your wheels turning. Color is so subjective but the good news is that there is no shortage of options.

Need Help Picking Out Popular Colors for a Bedroom?

We have both experience and expertise in managing residential painting projects from start to finish. We can work with you to evaluate the light and other factors in your space to help you pick a color that’s perfect for you. Our Memphis-area painting pros will then transform your home into one you’ll fall in love with all over again. Schedule your free estimate today.

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