Prepare Your Home For a Professional Painting Job

Preparation is key to a professional house painting experience.

Are you getting ready to update your house? Is a whole home paint job a likely project this year? A professional painting contractor can help you get the job done quickly with professional results. Knowing how to get the house ready is helpful when preparing for a large project. Here are some expert tips to save yourself time, hassle, and money on a professional paint job.

Take down pictures and wall decorations before the professional house painter arrives

By removing all the things on your walls, you minimize the work the painting crew has to do when they show up to paint. Storing your wall hangings in a portable storage container or rental space is a good idea. Putting your artwork and family photos in a safe place away from the paint protects your items and makes the job faster for the professional painters. You may want to do this a week or so in advance.

Store ornaments

Whether you paint your house because you are putting it up for sale, or you want a fresh look, portable storage units are excellent choices for your favorite items like statues, antiques, or family heirlooms. Instead of taking chances with your most precious objects, you may want to consider a temporary storage room. If you are only having one floor painted or you are doing every room besides the basement or attic, you can safely store many of these items in the home. We suggest covering them to minimize dust and debris collection. Be sure to look for areas where moisture could be a problem when using these spaces. Your garage is another place that is perfect to store items temporarily.

Make room for the professional painters to work

Professional house painting services require space to work. Removing as many pieces of furniture and accessories in your home is helpful to get complete and even paint coverage. Reducing the work, the paint crew has to do when they arrive can help the job progress on time and get you back in your house according to schedule. More challenging paint jobs cost more money. The easier you can make the work for the paint crew, the more efficient the job and the less the painting will cost in the end.

Linens, fabrics, and rugs

What other ways can you make things easier for your interior house painter? A day or two before you plan to prepare the area for the paint crew, take down drapes and removing fabric items from the space. When you roll up your rugs, you can secure the carpet with a fabric tie like burlap straps. Putting plastic or a tarp over valuable items can protect them while the paint crew is working. No one wants to walk into a freshly painted room to find expensive rugs and throws with paint splatter and splash marks. Accidents happen, but you can avoid these problems by removing as much of the fabrics as you can before the crew shows up.

How to prep for professional painting

The first step for paint prep after removing belongings is to get in touch with your professional house painting contractor. You should find out what extras or optional services they offer if you do not want to do the prep work. Does the crew fix minor repair issues? Who should patch up nail holes and small dents? What cleaning methods work best for prepping your walls for paint?

Those questions are some of the things you should consider answering before you begin paint prep. This point is the time when asking what insurance coverage the interior house painter has and who is responsible for accidental damage is important. Knowing the answers upfront reduces the chance of surprises when painting and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience.

Thorough cleaning ensures a good application

When you paint large areas, it is important to make sure that the surfaces are clean and ready to accept the paint. A thorough wash from top to bottom is beneficial before professional painting. Vacuuming the floors and removing cobwebs helps in two ways. First, it makes sure the surface is clean. Second, a good cleaning reduces the chance of floating dust and debris landing on your fresh, new paint job before it even has the chance to dry.

Make plans for the family and pets to be away on professional painting day

Professionally painting the house is going to take some time. A large crew can accommodate big paint jobs, but the paint will need to dry after the application. The humidity level the day of painting can affect this process unless you have a central air unit or dehumidifier running. You can ask a friend to watch the pets for a day or two to let you get your furniture or major items back in place before bringing them home. Kenneling your pets is another option if you do not have someone you can ask to help.

If you have children in the home, then making plans for them to stay at a friend or family member’s home will keep them from being underfoot and avoid exposure to the fumes. By keeping people away from the job site, you can help the crew get the work done faster as well.

When looking for inside house painters near me, you will want to schedule estimates as far in advance as you can. For example, when you plan to remodel and paint in March, then calling early in winter is a good idea to avoid spring cleaning and booked schedules. By contacting interior house painting early, you can ask additional prep questions and find out the time the crew expects the job to take. Knowing the approximate time can help you plan activities outside of the home for family members and pets.

Our goal is to leave your space beautiful and with more value than when we arrive to give you the foundation for a stunning new design or the path to a new future when selling your house. You can help us by removing as many obstacles to the job site as you can. This helps prevent accidental damage and makes the job easier, faster, and less expensive overall.

When you want to update your home in Cordova TN, Germantown TN, or Collierville TN.  Riggins Painting is proud to be a local expert you can trust. Our business is a family practice. Our professional painting team is proud to provide exceptional quality paint services for our neighbors. We tailor each job by paying close attention to detail and looking at your home as if it were our house.  Ready to refresh your home with paint? Schedule a free estimate today.

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