Our Process

Why our process matters to you

There are a lot of painters and paint crews out there who approach their projects as a guessing game. They guestimate how much paint they will use, how long it will take, and how much they think you would be willing to pay. That is how they come up with a bid and hope for the best. If anything goes wrong, they ask for more money or cut corners to pull it off. That is NOT who you want to do business with!

We understand you want accurate estimates, predictable scheduling, and a professional job that meets your standards. We are committed to doing just that. Our process has been honed over time to ensure that we are able to deliver on one promise, we'll do it right! Check out our process below for each step in the process to get the result you expect, in the time and budget we agree to.

Request Estimate

Meet Onsite

Measure Surfaces

Calculate Costs

Deliver Estimate

How our process works

  1. Request Estimate
  2. Schedule appointment with estimator
  3. Meet with the customer at your location
  4. Measure all areas for precise and accurate pricing
    • Our pricing structure includes price by square foot (walls and ceilings etc.), by linear foot (trim, exterior cornice etc.), and unit pricing for windows, doors, and cabinetry
  5. Create proposal based on precise measurements
  6. Once proposal is accepted, the project will be added to our work schedule in the next available opening (on a first come first serve basis)
  7. Handed off to Project manager for clear communication and accountability
  8. Once the job is complete, follow up for final approval from the customer

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