How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home Office

Home office

More and more people have started working remotely from home. If you’re lucky, you have an extra room you can use as a home office. When you’re working from home its ideal to have a space that looks and feels like an office so you can be as productive as possible. Some color schemes work…

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5 Painting Tips to Kid-Proof Your Walls

Painting your home’s interior walls involves strategy, especially when you have young children in your home. Children and walls go together like bulls and tea shops. The good news is when you plan your interior paint job with children in mind you can be prepared. This article is going to lay out five painting tips…

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Interior Paint Color – How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right interior paint color for your home’s rooms can be intimidating.  You’re going to be living with it for years. Although you can repaint if you don’t like it, you’d rather not spend the time and money on choosing the wrong color. The impact of colors on a room and your mood are…

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