5 Painting Tips to Kid-Proof Your Walls

Painting your home’s interior walls involves strategy, especially when you have young children in your home. Children and walls go together like bulls and tea shops. The good news is when you plan your interior paint job with children in mind you can be prepared. This article is going to lay out five painting tips to kid-proof your walls.

Choose the Right Paint Color to Kid-Proof Your Walls

When you’re choosing kid-proof paint colors for your walls you should be careful. Choosing colors that can handle a mess and recover is important. Colors that conceal any kind of messes like smudges, food smears, and finger paint is critical. Putting kids in a room with white walls is like putting a painter in a room with a giant white canvas. Avoid white. Go with darker colors like beige or gray.

The Right Paint Finish

High gloss paint is the most durable and easiest to clean. High gloss is a good choice for areas that have sticky fingers. Typically it’s used on cabinets, trim, and doors. It may be too much shine for interior walls, but you might use it in the kids’ room if you have one. For rooms that have adults, Eggshell is a good choice. Eggshell works in dining rooms and living rooms.

High Quality Paint Helps Kid-Proof Your Walls

Not all paint is made equally. A high quality paint can be much easier to clean. It requires less maintenance even in the face of young ones. Your initial investment will be more for high-quality paint, but it will pay off, especially if you have children in the house.

Provide an Alternative Paint Canvas

Sometimes the best way to avoid having kids draw on your walls is to provide a designated drawing “wall.” A big whiteboard can be the perfect solution. Children can draw on the whiteboard and feel like their drawing on a wall. You can also use it for educational purposes.

Use Outlet Covers

Outlet covers should be a part of the kid proofing your walls during your paint project. Out covers are installed to ensure that little fingers don’t find electrical danger. There are many childproof outlet covers that are both stylish and safe.  

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