Interior House Painting In Memphis

Update your home with beautiful, new interior painting. A fresh coat of paint can bring new life into your space. At Riggins, we work with you every step of the way. We’ll help you choose the right color and paint type to help your space stand out.

Home Interior Painting for Any Area

It’s essential to keep the foyer of your home, living room and dining room are all important areas to keep updated and vibrant. The right color on the wall helps these spaces seem formal or welcoming. Whether you need a scrub-able paint for the family room to wash away the kid’s fingerprints or a luxurious satin paint for the formal dining room, we’ll help you choose just the
right look.

Bedroom Painting

Bedrooms can be an expression of the person who sleeps there—so choose vibrant colors that make you happy. Talk to our team about patterns that can make a basic room an interesting space to spend time in each day. Do you have a guest bedroom, a soft gray, or another subtle color helps your guests to fall asleep quickly. Not surprisingly, kids' rooms benefit from a durable paint that doesn’t have to limit color options or pattern selection.

Kitchen Painting

Everyone gathers in the center where everyone gathers, your kitchen needs a fresh coat of paint more frequently than most other areas. From grease to water damage, kitchens require a durable, easy-to-clean paint as well. Yet, a fresh coat can transform a dull and boring kitchen into a welcoming space. Choose vibrant colors here to help everyone come together to talk and share their day’s activities.

Cabinet Painting

Painting your kitchen is one of the best ways to transform the space by painting the cabinets. Our interior painting team does this the right way—we strip down and clean up your cabinets. Then, we apply the proper primers and paints to create the look you want. Choose the trendy white cabinets everyone has or go with something different such as blue or even gray. There’s no limit to the look you can have here.

Bathroom Painting

Another important area for routine updates, bathroom interior painting, needs to pay close attention to the details. If you have a lot of open wall space, this is a great place for a paint pattern or a unique design. We can even add a feature wall with a bright paint color. Make this space your own, whether that means a soothing color to help you relax or a bright color to help you wake up in the morning.

Commercial Interior Painting Is Available

Let’s update your business, too! Our commercial interior painting service helps to transform your space into one that looks brand new. Welcome your customers and clients into a modern, beautiful space with a new color pattern or branding scheme—then let us create it for you!

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