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Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques

Exterior Painting Tips In Memphis

Attention to detail matters in many things, but it may not matter anywhere more than it does in painting a house. You may need to spend days to prepare surfaces, repair rot and fill cracks, apply a primer coat, buy top-quality brushes and a high-grade paint and cover everything with drop cloths before you can…

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Cabinet Painting Dos and Don’ts

Cabinet Painting

With the plethora of home improvement shows and magazines, as well as the advent of do it yourself movements, many homeowners decide to try their hand at one type of renovation project or another. Every novice homeowner with the best of intentions has attempted a small project only to be disappointed by their progress in…

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Prepare Your Home For a Professional Painting Job

house painting in Germantown TN

Preparation is key to a professional house painting experience. Are you getting ready to update your house? Is a whole home paint job a likely project this year? A professional painting contractor can help you get the job done quickly with professional results. Knowing how to get the house ready is helpful when preparing for…

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Commercial vs. Residential Painting

Commercial Painter, House Painter, Memphis TN Painter

Commercial vs. Residential Painting Painting your residential or commercial location are two very different tasks, each requiring its own tools and skills. While painting your home may seem easy at first, there are portions of every residential or commercial location that challenge amateur painters. Without the right equipment, reaching the high corners of a room…

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Tips to Hiring a Painting Contractor in Memphis TN

Painting Estimate | Contractor Decision

What to Look for in a Professional Painting Contractor Service Painting your home or business is one of the most effective, yet affordable, ways to enhance its look and increase its value. In fact, a fresh coat of paint can give your indoor or outdoor space a whole new look. If you really want to…

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Interior Wall Colors Matter!

Interior Wall Colors - House Paint Colors

Brighten Up Your Home to Help Avoid the Wintertime Blues Are you dreading the winter ahead? Here in the Memphis area, those cooler months chase you indoors around November and don’t start warming up again until March. If the prospect of spending time indoors — and particularly in your home — make you want to…

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How to Pick the Right Painter in Memphis

Painter in Memphis

 Choosing the right painter in Memphis is important… If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Memphis, there’s a good chance that you take pride in the way that your property looks inside and out. One way that you can keep a building looking well-cared for and maintained is by painting it regularly. When you…

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Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Residential Painting Painters Near Me

How to Choose Interior Paint Colors Choosing the right interior paint color for your interior painting can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips of the trade 1. Understand your decorating style and what inspires you concerning interior design and interior paint colors. Take some time to Research on Pinterest, Instagram, Google and…

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