6 Tips for Painting Your Ceiling

When you enter a newly painted room you’ll notice it immediately if it’s been done well. The ceiling, on the other hand, doesn’t get the same attention as the walls. Nevertheless, the ceiling is just like another wall – consider it the top wall. Just as you should refresh your walls with new paint from time to time, you should not neglect your ceiling. Many homeowners that want to add a new dimension to a room will paint the ceiling a different color from the walls. In this article, we’re going to go over some helpful tips for painting your ceiling.

Use Good Drop Cloths When Painting Your Ceiling

As you can imagine, painting the ceiling can create some extra drips. Gravity doesn’t give you any breaks when painting your ceiling. Although drip is inevitable, containing and managing them is possible with good drop cloths. Anything under your ceiling should be protected with a good drop cloth. Drop cloths are heavy and can be pricy, but they’re more affordable than replacing items ruined by dripping paint, or spending precious time cleaning paint off your floors.

Clear out the Room

The best way to avoid messes and protect valuables when painting your ceiling is by getting everything out of the room. You won’t need to worry about paint drips, and it will make the job much more efficient as you’ll be able to move around the room with ease. If you can’t move the items into another room, try consolidating them to the middle of the room and covering them with a quality drop cloth.

Use a Quality Ladder When Painting Your Ceiling

If you have high ceilings you may need to use a ladder while painting your ceiling. Some say scaffolding is better, but unless you’re a professional scaffolding can be a pain. It’s heavy, hard to assemble, and hard to move. For ease of use, you can’t beat a good ladder. Just remember not to go to high on the ladder.

Use a Good Telescoping Handle for Your Paint Roller

If you don’t have access to a ladder, or you just need a few extra feet, get an extending handle for your paint roller. Make sure to get the right size though, or you’re going to have a really bad time painting your ceiling. If your telescoping handle is designed for a ceiling that is much higher than yours, it will be uncomfortable because too much of the extension will stay in the handle making it difficult to control.

Give Your Ceiling its Own Paint Day

A ceiling is not as easy to paint as your walls. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to paint their ceiling the same day they paint their walls. Give your ceiling its own day, or days. It takes a considerable amount of time to paint a ceiling and it’s physically demanding.

Want a Professional to Paint Your Ceiling?

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