Boost Your Business’s Curb Appeal with Expert Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Most commercial properties can benefit from an exterior paint refresh every five to ten years. A successful commercial exterior painting project starts with proper planning to ensure a beautiful finish. Most business owners and property managers are excited about the end result but have some stress about how the project will impact their employees and clients. A painting project can be a big undertaking (literally and figuratively!), however, it doesn’t have to be a big headache.

From budgeting, color choice, and the best time to schedule your painting project, we’ll share our insights and experience to help you navigate the planning phase with confidence.

How often should you paint the exterior of a commercial building?

How Do You Plan a Painting Project?

Before you hire a commercial painter, you need to make some important decisions to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Your budget will ensure that you and your commercial painting contractor are on the same page in terms of the cost and scope of the project. Prior to diving into any project, it’s crucial to assess your painting needs thoroughly. Begin by evaluating the current condition of your building’s exterior. Look for signs of peeling, cracking, fading, or any other visible damage. Consider the size and height of your building, as well as unique architectural features.

To prepare, make a list of everything you’d like your contractor to do before scheduling an estimate.

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What Will It Cost? Exterior Commercial Painting Budget Considerations

There are multiple factors that will determine how much your project will cost. Some of these you can’t control (say, building size) and others, such as paint quality and how the number of paint colors, might have wiggle room to save money.

Building Size and Height

  1. The size and height of your commercial building directly affect the amount of paint, materials, and labor required for the project. Larger buildings will naturally incur higher costs, as they demand more resources and time to complete.
  1. Surface Preparation and Condition

The condition of your building’s exterior surfaces plays a significant role in determining the cost. If there are extensive repairs or extensive surface preparation required, such as scraping, sanding, or priming, it will add to the overall cost of the project.

  1. Paint Quality and Type

The quality of the paint and the type of coating you choose will impact both the cost and the longevity of the project. Higher-quality paints and specialized coatings might have a higher upfront cost but can provide better durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal in the long run.

A professional painter in Memphis can help you consider which product will give you a flawless finish that lasts based on the climate and your building’s exposure to sunlight. 

How do you plan a painting project?
How long should a good exterior paint job last?
  1. Number of Colors and Complexity of Design

The number of colors and the complexity of the design you choose will influence the cost of your commercial exterior painting project. Intricate designs, patterns, or multiple color schemes require more time and skill to execute, which can result in increased labor costs.

  1. Architectural Features and Substrates

Decorative features including archways, shutters, and cornices, as well as railings and other trim will likely add to the cost of your commercial exterior painting project. Other considerations include the number of substrates, or building materials (ie. concrete, wood, steel/metal) the paint that will be applied to. 

  1. Accessibility and Safety Requirements

Consider the accessibility of your building’s exterior surfaces, as it can affect the cost of the project. Factors such as the need for scaffolding, safety equipment, or specialized techniques for hard-to-reach areas can add to the overall expenses.

  1. Environmental Factors

Environmental conditions, such as extreme heat, humidity, or cold temperatures, can impact the cost and timeline of the project. Adverse weather conditions may require additional measures, such as temporary weather protection or rescheduling, which can affect the overall cost.

  1. Additional Services

Depending on your specific requirements, additional services such as pressure washing, graffiti removal, or surface repairs may be necessary. These services will contribute to the overall cost of the project but can significantly improve the final outcome.

For better or worse, the exterior of your business makes a first impression and leaves a lasting one. 

Well-maintained commercial exterior painting is an investment that elevates your curb appeal and protects it from the elements.

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings

Choosing the right colors for your commercial building can significantly impact its visual appeal. Because colors can evoke certain moods, the best choice can vary depending on whether your property is an office, retail, residential, healthcare, or hospitality space. 

Consider the surrounding environment, architectural features, and your brand identity when selecting the color palette. If you own a franchise, these colors will be chosen for you. If you are a commercial lease make sure you communicate with your landlord about your commercial exterior painting project. An experienced commercial painter will have specific paint suggestions to help you accomplish your goals for both color and durability.

When Is the Best Month to Do Exterior Painting?

If you’re asking yourself, “When is the best month to do exterior painting?” you should know there are several considerations. 

  1. Weather: If the weather is too hot your paint can dry too quickly resulting in bubbles and cracking. If the weather is too cold the paint will be slower to dry. The climate in Memphis is favorable for painting year-round with some exceptions.
  2. Your business or organization’s schedule:: Schools often prefer to start a commercial exterior painting project during the summer to maximize the impact on students. If you’re an accounting firm you likely want to avoid an office disruption during tax season. Hotels will often prioritize painting projects around peak travel times. Consider what timing will have minimal impact on your business.
  3. Fiscal year budgets: Some businesses will schedule a painting project towards the end of a fiscal year to take advantage of a “use it or lose it” budget.

Once you’ve chosen a schedule communicate any changes to your business hours or property or parking access to your landlord, employees, and customers.

Let’s Get Started on Your Commercial Exterior Painting Project

We have a proven track record of successful commercial and residential painting projects in and around Memphis, as well as out of state. Riggins Painting has the experience and equipment to tackle even complex projects and properties. We know painting your property may feel overwhelming. Our team is able to work with your budget and schedule, including painting on evenings and weekends, to minimize disruption to your business.

To learn more about our commercial painting services and schedule a free estimate, choose an appointment time here.

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