How to Get A Remote Estimate for Residential Painting

If you’re like most people you’ve spent a lot of time at home in 2020. You might have even started creating a list of renovation projects you’d like to take care of in the near future. You may be reluctant to initiate work because of the current environment. That’s understandable, however, you can the most important aspect out of the way which is finding vetting and finding the right residential paint contractor. Several steps can be initiated remotely before the actual work begins. In the past, you would need contractors from different companies to visit your property to generate an accurate quote, but now you can get one remotely if you prepare the information correctly for the painting contractor.

In this article, we’ll cover how to get a remote estimate for your residential painting project.

Prepare a Detailed Document to Present Your Project

The more detailed and accurate the information you present to your painting contractor the more accurate and quickly they can provide you with an estimate. Write down the objectives of the project, some possible timelines, and include materials and budget. Send your written plan to the contractor to help them get a better idea of what your expectations are. If you have relevant documents like house plans or photos include those. Even drawings can be helpful.

Receiving Your Remote Estimate

In normal times it’s always best that the submission process takes place in person. In-person estimates are easier and less prone to oversights and misunderstandings. That noted, for the vast majority of renovation projects, you can submit a remote quote.

After you’ve submitted your plans to different contractors they will review and get back to you. When they reach out to they will present you with a base price based on what you’ve told them and ask that there will be leeway for the unforeseen. This should all be spelled out clearly on the contract to avoid any misunderstandings once the project begins.

What Digital Tools do You Need for Get a Remote Estimate?

Once you have submitted your documents to contractors and have several bidding you’ll need to be able to view their submissions. They will present you with ideas about their techniques and prices. There are three ways to collaborate with painting contractors during the bidding process. 

  • Video calls
  • Email
  • Phone

A video call should be the first choice as it’s the closest thing you can get to meet in person. You can even use your phone camera and show them around the property remotely.

Need a Remote Estimate?

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