Is it Time to Repaint Your House? Look for These 5 Signs

Time to Repaint Your House

Whether maintaining your car or your health, there are things you likely do with some prescribed frequency to protect your investments or your well-being. And thanks to stickers on our windshields and texts from our dentists, we even get handy reminders when it’s time to get an oil change or our teeth cleaned. But do you even know how often you should repaint your house? Having your house painted periodically is not just about aesthetics, it’s vital for the upkeep of your most important investment.

How the Elements Affect Your Home

Long, hot summers; wet winter days; and everything in-between. We get all four seasons in and around Memphis. In fact, Bluff City gets 54 inches of rain a year, compared with the national average of 38 inches. We get our share of sun too. Two hundred and eighteen days on average, annually. It’s said variety is the spice of life, however when it comes to weather, a range of elements take a toll on your exterior paint.

Paint is the first line of defense in protecting your home’s exterior, which means it takes a beating in scorching summer sun or hard rain.

Over time your home might start to look battle-weary.

Five Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your House

When it comes to how often you should repaint your house, most experts give a range of every five to ten years. While that’s a baseline, it’s not necessarily a rule. In addition to the weather, the materials used on your home’s exterior, whether they be wood, aluminum siding, stucco, or a combination, will determine how frequently your home will need a fresh coat.

Let’s help you take the guesswork out of whether it’s time to repaint your house. For starters, take a few minutes to walk around the outside of your house and inspect the columns, decking, shutters, exterior doors, trim, and caulk. Make sure you have good daylight. As you’re surveying your house, look for the following symptoms to determine whether it’s time to contact a residential painter for an estimate.

Here are five signs it’s the right time for a refresh:

1. Your Paint is Peeling

For many homeowners, peeling or chipping paint is a first and obvious sign that your existing paint is past its prime. Not only is peeling paint unsightly, but your home no longer has that layer of protection from the elements.

2. Cracked Caulk or Rotting Wood

Caulk on the outside of your home seals seams and gaps at windows, doors, and siding. This step keeps water and bugs out, and maximizes energy efficiency by keeping heat in. Over time, caulk may crack, shrink, or harden, compromising the seal. If your caulk is deteriorating, it’s likely your paint is too.

You may also notice damage to the wood around your house. Look for cracks and holes in wood trim along windows sills or at the base of columns. Wood rot is often caused by leaks, mold, mildew, and insects. Rotting wood provides a gateway for moisture and pests. Ignoring it leads to more damage and costlier issues. When you have your home’s exterior painted by a professional, they should repair any wood damage prior to applying the first coat.

3. Slow Fade

It doesn’t happen overnight but that vibrant or dark shade you picked out for your home is now downright dull. Faded paint, often from ultraviolet rays, is mainly an aesthetic issue but not an insignificant one.

4. You’re Thinking About Listing Your Home

While you may have an upgraded kitchen worthy of a world-class chef, it’s not what potential buyers see when they pull up to your home. The condition of your home’s exterior paint can either turn heads, or turn off, potential buyers. Did you know that painting the exterior of your home can result in more than 50% return on your investment? Or that a jet black or dark charcoal front door resulted in higher sale prices when compared with other colors, according to one Zillow report?

The fact is more than one in five homeowners paint the exterior when they prepare to list. It is an affordable way to add value and make a noteworthy first impression.

5. The Eyes Don’t Lie

Sometimes “when you know, you know.” Maybe you bought your house new ten years ago and you’ve never had your exterior repainted. (And now your home looks dated compared to your neighbors who have repainted their homes.) Or when you pull up to your home you just don’t have the same pride in it you once did. Quit putting it off. Now’s your opportunity to upgrade the color to something more current or add in some contrast to make those architectural accents pop. Not only will an exterior paint job make you feel better about your house, it will protect it from the elements.

Ready for a Refresh?

Painting the exterior of your home can feel like a huge undertaking, but the right professional painter can not only make it a pleasant experience, but leave you wondering, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

We can work with you to select paint colors that help show off your home’s best features. And help you choose a high-quality paint to both get the best mileage out of your paint project and stand up to whatever weather blows in.

At Riggins Painting, we take pride in delivering an experience that brings value to your home, done by a team you can trust. Why don’t you contact us for a free estimate and let us help you return your home to its former glory.

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