Commercial vs. Residential Painting

Commercial vs. Residential Painting

Painting your residential or commercial location are two very different tasks, each requiring its own tools and skills. While painting your home may seem easy at first, there are portions of every residential or commercial location that challenge amateur painters. Without the right equipment, reaching the high corners of a room or the trim items that wrap tightly to the ceiling surface can be hard. Inexperienced painters may have a hard time protecting the other areas of the room from getting exposed to paint and end up with spots on the carpet and furniture. Instead of leaving the rooms in your home or business half done or settling for a simple paint job that doesn’t meet your vision, hiring a professional painting crew can help make your home or business exactly how you want it to look. With the help of professional painters, you can have the exact look you envisioned, no matter how complicated it is and what painting techniques need to be used.

What is The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Painting?

Many homeowners and residential painters do not realize how difficult painting a business location can be. The increased square footage of a business building means that painting is a much larger undertaking, made more complicated by the presence of employees, inventory, and customers in the space. However, painting a home comes with its own challenges that can’t be discounted. Choosing the right color is vital when it comes to the space you live in, and how the paint is applied can also make a large difference in the end result.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Residential Painting Service?

If you’re moving into a new home, taking the time to paint the entire residence yourself can severely delay your plans to move in. Too often, new homeowners start painting a home with big ideas and insufficient time and tools. As the project drags on, painting properly is often sacrificed in favor of simply getting the job done, or abandoned altogether. As a result, you can end up living in a home that is half done, with mismatched paint everywhere. Once all the furniture is moved in and the family begins living in the home, the chance that you will be able to remove everything again to get the residential painting done is slim.

As an amateur painter, you can run into many issues that will cause frustration and delay, including:

Lack of proper equipment that causes you to be unable to paint parts of the house.

Underestimating how much paint and supplies you’ll need, causing repeated delays and return trips to the store.

Getting paint on floors, doors and other parts of the home that shouldn’t be painted.

Applying paint too thin or too thick, leaving some areas looking patchy or drops on one wall.

These issues then take more time and resources to fix, delaying the end result even more. Instead of trying to cut corners and ending up spending much more, the wisest choice to save you time and heartache is to hire residential paint experts from the start.

A professional residential painting crew can help to finish the job you started or handle the entire process from start to finish. With the right tools to reach every corner of the home, there is no part of the house that we can’t handle. Exterior or interior, there is no area we can’t reach. Our residential painters can prepare your home for painting and take care of the work and clean-up.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Commercial Painting Service?

For commercial business owners who want to hold on to as much profit as they can, hiring painters might seem like an unnecessary expense. But getting this kind of painting done by friends or the average handyman can lead to more problems than you realize. Commercial painting contractors know how to avoid these issues.

There are many factors that complicate the process of commercial painting, including:

  • Larger overall location and more square footage on average to cover means that the process takes more time and expense. Keeping this process timely and within budget is much easier with some experience and know how. If you predict the cost inaccurately and do not have the materials or budget to finish, your location can end up looking half done until you can get the resources to complete it.
  • Working around business hours and customer commitments. If you operate a small commercial business, you may not be able to afford to shut down for an extended period while friends and family help you paint.
  • Choosing the right shades for your business is much more complicated than picking a wall color for your home. Unlike in your residence, you can’t simply pick a color you like. You need to choose colors that will welcome customers and encourage them to spend money with you.

The choice is clear.

Commercial painting contractors, like Riggins Painting in Cordova TN, have the experience to assist you with these decisions and work around these issues. Equipped with all the tools needed to paint any business location, no matter how large, these teams of painters can complete work quickly and keep your business from having to stay closed. Commercial painting can require physical strength and long days to complete all of the square footage. If you try to complete this type of work with a crew of volunteers, chances are they will need to stop long before the entire job is done.

Riggins Painting is here to help both residential and commercial property owners in Cordova and Memphis TN. With experienced crews traveling with all the equipment needed to complete painting jobs, we can take care of any painting you need to be done in a short time period. If you’re looking for a responsible, professional paint crew, contact us today to get started! Our team is ready to help with every aspect of painting, from planning and selecting the right paint to get the job done and cleaning up the area afterward.

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