How to Pick the Right Painter in Memphis

 Choosing the right painter in Memphis is important…

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Memphis, there’s a good chance that you take pride in the way that your property looks inside and out. One way that you can keep a building looking well-cared for and maintained is by painting it regularly.
When you get your property painted, you can make the space look fresher and cleaner, and you can appeal to new visual or aesthetic tastes.

The best way to ensure a paint job is done well is by hiring a professional painter or painting company with ample experience. Painters have a lot of experience painting a wide range of structures (both commercial and residential), and they can complete a paint job safely and with attention to detail.

Before you hire a painter in Memphis, consider doing some research into what makes the best paint companies and who has done the best work. That way, you can understand that the company you choose to hire will meet your needs, and you’ll be happy with the work when they’re done.

Here are some helpful tips for how to pick the right painter in Memphis.

1. Speak to Friends and Colleagues about Painters in Memphis

Have any friends or colleagues gotten their property painted recently? If so, and you thought the painters did a great job, then you may want to hire the same painters to do your work. The quality of a painters work is visible and obvious when they’re done, so if you see a product that looks up to your standards, it may be smart to hire the same painters.

Pick a Painter in Memphis Whose Services are Reliably in Your Budget

Painting can be an expensive endeavor, and many paint companies will simply guesstimate how much a job is going to cost you before they start. This is risky because if the job ends up being bigger or more intensive than they anticipated, it could cost you a lot more than you expected. Try choosing a company who comes out to your site and does precise estimates based on measurements. That way, you’ll know what you’re going to pay before they start, and you won’t be surprised by costs you can’t afford.

2. Consider Customer Service

When you work with a painter in Memphis, you’ll be working with someone who is going to be in your space, and who is going to have a big effect on how it feels to be in your office or home. For that reason, it pays to choose a company that values customer service. Painters who focus on customer service in addition to the painting services they provide ensure for an experience that is stress-free and enjoyable, from the estimate phase to the finished product. If your painter in Memphis values customer service, they’ll make sure that you’re happy with the job before they wrap everything up–and if you’re not, they’ll continue to work until they know you’re satisfied.

3. Proper Credentials and Protection

When you choose a painter in Memphis, you want to make sure you choose someone who carries workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. This means that they will be properly covered in the case that anything goes wrong (or someone gets injured) while working on your property. The painter should also be state licensed as required in Shelby County, to ensure that they are working legally.

Ultimately, having your house painted can have a huge effect on how your space feels. Thus, it can pay off to put some time and effort into choosing the right person to do the job. By understanding what makes a good, qualified painter, then finding a company that meets those specifications in Memphis, you can ensure that your home is going to look great when the paint job is done.

If you want to learn more about painting services you can take advantage of in Memphis, or how a Memphis painter can help improve your home, reach out to us at Riggins Painting. Our experts will ensure you get your painting needs met, and that all of your questions and concerns are addressed before you start a new project.

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