Why Weather Should Determine The Best Time to Paint Your House Exterior

best time to paint house exterior

When it comes to knowing when the best time to paint your house exterior is, there’s a bit of science to it that demands more than, “My house needs to be painted STAT!”  Weather conditions can affect the paint’s dry time, how it cures, and the likelihood of it cracking, peeling, or bubbling. Truthfully, while…

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Painting on a Budget? Check Out These 5 Practical Cost-Saving Tips

painting on a budget

There are many motivators for updating your home’s paint including changing the look of a room, repurposing a space, matching walls to new furnishings, freshening faded or dated paint, or selling your home. However, the cost of painting (or at least people’s perception of it) is one of the top reasons people put off actually…

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5 Common Paint Problems and How to Fix Them

Paint Problems

Your home’s exterior paint job may have existed before you moved in. Or you might have had it re-painted after you moved it. Whatever the case may be, there are exterior paint problems that can arise as a result of issues you have little control over. The good news is that for nearly every paint…

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6 Tips for Painting Your Ceiling

When you enter a newly painted room you’ll notice it immediately if it’s been done well. The ceiling, on the other hand, doesn’t get the same attention as the walls. Nevertheless, the ceiling is just like another wall – consider it the top wall. Just as you should refresh your walls with new paint from…

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How to Touch Up Wall Paint in 5 Easy Steps

If you need to touch up wall paint in your home, we have good news. Touching up interior paint in your home is easier than you may think. But before you rush into the project, make sure you’ve taken steps to prepare the walls and find the right paint. Some homeowners may prefer a touch-up…

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Tips for Painting Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. If you’re remodeling your kitchen you may decide to repaint it at the same time. Or maybe your kitchen is just due for another paint job. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to make painting your kitchen go more smoothly.…

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Interior Paint Prep for Your Next Home Painting Project

Preparation is the secret to achieving a professional-quality paint job. Without the proper interior paint prep, there’s very little chance the finished project will look as sharp as it could. This article will tell you everything you need to do for a successful interior painting project. Paint Prep Furniture Protection Unless you’re working in an…

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