Hire a Painter or Paint Your Own Home? Why You Should Stick With the Pros When it Comes to Paint.

Are you looking to refresh your space with a more neutral tone? Are your walls showing their age? Enlisting the expertise of a residential painting company is a smart choice when you’re planning to paint your home.

Here are the top seven reasons why you should hire a professional painter:

1. Hiring an expert provides accountability.

Let’s face it, we usually have good intentions when starting home projects. However, if your ambition is to paint your house yourself, it’s easy for that “weekend project” to linger for weeks. A month later you’re avoiding eye contact with your dining room (and maybe your spouse!) because there are two walls left to be painted. Hiring a painter gives you both a start date AND a deadline. A project manager will ensure communication is clear and your project stays on track.

2. It’s all in the details.

Slapping on one coat of paint in a square room is one thing. But what about doors and baseboards? Additionally, features like fireplaces, railings, high ceilings, and textured walls present a host of challenges that are best left to the professionals. Residential painters have the tools and experience to get the detail work right.

3. Choosing the ideal paint color can be overwhelming.

Choose the ideal paint color

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent hours staring at paint swatches trying to discern the difference between shades of greige, beige and gray. Choosing the right color can feel paralyzing because paint feels like such a big commitment. A reputable painting company can help you find the perfect color for your space based on your flooring, furnishings, and natural light.

(In fact, we just shared Riggins Painting’s top choices for your living room for 2021.)

From flat to super gloss, they can also choose the best sheen for clean-up and hiding imperfections. And once you find your perfect hue, a painter also takes the guesswork out of how much paint to buy.

4. They have the right tools for the job.

If you’ve painted your house yourself, chances are you’ve stood in the paint supply section at the hardware store unsure as to what type of brushes, rollers, and tape are best for your project. Should your paint roller cover be made of natural or synthetic fibers? What size paint brush do you need for your baseboards? You give it your best guess and end up making several trips back to buy something else and are left with a surplus of materials.

5. It’s not just the painting. (It’s the prep work. And the clean-up.)

How you start the job plays a huge role in how you’ll finish it. Draping and taping can seem like a lot of work, but it’s critically important to not cut corners when it comes to prep work. Rushing the job results in paint spills on your beautiful hardwood floors or unsightly streaks on your crown molding. And don’t forget you should both prime the walls and spackle any holes or dents before you get started.

Hire a trusted residential painter who will invest the time to move furniture, properly drape surfaces, and tape off windows, trim, and molding so the paint only goes where you want it to is the way to go. They will also have the professional skills to cover up imperfections so your paint goes on smoothly.

6. Quality matters when it comes to your biggest investment.

Painting your home has the potential for great ROI for the money. Because your home is likely your biggest investment, having it done well matters. Whether you’ve just bought your first home, need an update, or are getting ready to sell, this is one home improvement where years of skill and experience make all of the difference.

7. Is this really how you want to spend your weekend?

Hire a professional painter

This may be the most compelling case for hiring a professional. Your home should be a refuge, not a source of additional frustration. And free time is hard to come by. We bet there are one hundred more desirable things you could be doing on your weekend rather than painting your house yourself. Leave the hard work to a professional so you can enjoy the finished product.

A reputable professional painter will offer you a free estimate, discuss your budget with you, and provide an estimate in writing.

How to Hire a Painter: Do Your Due Diligence

Chances are you’ve heard stories about painting contractors who take your neighbor’s money and don’t show up. Or maybe in the past you’ve hired house painters who promised to start the job at 8 a.m. and you watched the hours go by and couldn’t reach them. Or maybe they got the job done but the work was sloppy and below your standards.

Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples out there, However, there are some really excellent professional painters who want to work with you to transform your home free from mess and stress.

Hiring a professional painter and taking on a painting project can be overwhelming, especially if you’re having multiple rooms painted or maybe refreshing your exterior.

Personal referrals from trusted friends and online reviews are a great place to start. However, it’s just one step in the process. Check out our “Nine Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Residential Painters” so you’re prepared to gather the information about insurance, schedule, and payment when vetting painters for your job.

A Trusted Memphis Painting Service For All of Your Needs

The only way to achieve a professional-looking paint job is to hire a professional painter. They have the experience, skills, and materials to transform your home with paint.

Since 2009, Riggins Painting has been trusted by homeowners in Memphis to help them create spaces they want to come home to. Our painting services include interior and exterior painting, textured finishes, wood staining and sealing, and faux finishes. We can help you pick the perfect color and make sure it goes on beautifully.

Contact us for a free estimate at (901) 444-0944 or reach out to us via our website so we can help you transform your space.

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