Increase Your Home’s Value With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Maybe you’re preparing to sell your house soon. Or you’re trying to make wise home improvement decisions now to be in a good position to increase your home’s value over time. There are strategic ways you can paint your home that will boost your return on investment and possibly the sale price of your home.

For example, which colors do buyers find most inviting and attractive? If you can only paint a handful of rooms, which should you start with? What will set your house apart in a buyer’s market and which will turn off prospects?

Painting a house can feel overwhelming but we’re here to share our best tips (alongside plenty of dollar-driven data to back them up) so you can get the best bang for your buck and have a result you love.

Does Painting Increase Home Value?

You can have a home in the best location in town or with the biggest yard, but if your paint is peeling or colors look dated, potential buyers are going to pass up your home for one that looks more move-in ready.

In fact, 63% of real estate agents recommend a fresh coat of paint on the walls according to the 2021 Profile of Home Staging by the National Association Realtors® Research Group. Having your home newly painted also suggests a level of upkeep that may instill greater confidence in people considering buying your home.

Now that we’ve made the case for a fresh coat of paint, where should you start?

How to Prioritize Interior vs. Exterior Paint

If you are painting on a budget and have to make the choice between painting the exterior or interior of your house here are some things to consider:

  • Check your curb appeal. If you’re selling your home, the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see. This sets the tone for their overall impression of the house they’re trying to envision themselves in. (If you’re unsure as to whether it’s time to repaint your house check out the five signs.) Also it’s worth noting that warm yellow houses sell on-average more than $3,000 for less than other colors, so if you need to repaint regardless you may want to choose another color. In a survey of home design experts the majority prefer gray or white for exterior home paint.
  • Walk through your interior. Enter your home’s front door and take a critical look at your space. Are there areas where paint is chipping or faded from sunlight? Do you have rooms in bold colors that complement your tastes and furnishings but may be less compatible for a new owner?
  • The bottom line: According to a HomeGain Home Improvements for Sellers survey, painting the interior results in 107% ROI, compared with 55% for the exterior.

Now that you have taken inventory, decide which painting projects to prioritize based on your budget. If multiple areas need attention but you can’t address them all, consider what spaces are most visible and most used. For example, if a potential buyer walks into the foyer and living room that are freshly painted in a neutral palette, repainting the office or bathroom they encounter later doesn’t seem like such a big deal. (A Memphis-area residential painter can provide a free estimate as you’re trying to determine what to paint.)

If you chose to use your budget to do some interior painting and have a bit left over, here are some cost-effective ways to update the exterior of your home without painting it entirely.

How a Black Door Makes a Difference When Selling Your Home

how a black door makes a difference when selling your home

Since the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, let’s start with the gateway to your home, the front door. Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis analyzed more than 100,000 photos from sold homes around the country to determine how certain paint color influenced the average sale price, when compared to similar homes with white walls. Their research revealed that homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for $6,271 more than expected. This is one way to make a quick impact, provided a dark front door complements the existing facade.

Come Inside: Does interior paint increase home value?

Now that we’ve gotten past the front door, let’s focus on which home improvements can help you get the best return on investment inside.

Neutral colors are your best bet when it comes to the walls and living areas of your home. Timeless rather than trendy, a neutral palette allows potential buyers to better imagine their furniture and decor in your home. If you only plan to only apply a fresh coat of paint to a few rooms, painting your living room a light taupe could yield a $2,793 ROI compared with other colors.

One of our favorites in this family is Sherwin Williams’ Balanced Beige. Now admittedly there are a lot of opinions among design experts as to whether it is a true beige, greige, or taupe. But debates aside, this neutral with hints of gray will add warmth to your room while still complimenting a range of flooring and furnishings. Another popular choice in this family is Benjamin Moore’s Stone Hearth.

If the flooring and furnishings in your home are better matched to a gray hue, we recommend Agreeable Gray. A soft, neutral shade (hence the, “agreeable”), this gray doesn’t lean blue or pink like some others.
Some designers argue white gives the cleanest, most versatile look. A residential painter can look at your space and make recommendations.

How Painting Kitchen Cabinets Can Turn Heads

According to real estate marketplace Zillow, it’s all about the contrast in the kitchen these days. Tuxedo cabinets are when you pair white upper cabinets with darker-hued (typically black, charcoal or navy) lower or island cabinets. In this case, the walls are usually light neutral. Based on Zillow’s research, tuxedo kitchens sell for about $1,500 more when compared with other designs.

If you’re looking for some black-tie worthy inspiration, HGTV has some great ideas for how to up your game when it comes to using paint to boost your kitchen cabinetry.

Now, here’s something to consider: transforming your kitchen into ultra sophisticated is not as simple as putting some paint on your existing cabinets. If your current cabinets are dated or worn you’re not going to get the result you’re looking for so this might be best saved for a kitchen remodel.

And while we’re talking about kitchens, here’s a freebie: bright red kitchens can detract from your home’s sale price.

Blue is Best for Bathrooms

blue is best for bathrooms

Let’s face it, sometimes the bathroom is the only place you can steal away five minutes of peace and quiet in your house. Blue hues evoke feelings of calm, dreamy skies, breezy beaches, and ocean waves. It’s no wonder why survey participants said they’d be more interested in seeing and buying a home with a light blue bathroom and be willing to increase their offer 1.6% on-average. (That’s nearly a $5,000 increase in value on a $290,000 home.)

If you’re going to paint your bathroom, here are some of our favorite blues to help you get your bubble bath on:

  1. Soothing aquas: Waterfall and Cay, slightly deeper, are nice nautical options from Sherwin-Williams. Tidewater is a bit paler.
  2. Light neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s White Rain and Sherwin-Williams’ Topsail have hints of gray and complement tan and brown tilework.
  3. Blue grays: Beacon Gray and Rhine River are slightly deeper shades of blue.

And “serenity now” doesn’t just apply to bathrooms. Home buyers prefer bedrooms in blue shades and are even willing to embrace a bolder shade of blue.

Your Memphis-Area Residential Painter for all of Your Needs

If you’re getting ready to list your home and it’s been a while since you’ve painted it there is no time like the present. From choosing the right type of paint, prioritizing rooms, picking colors, and everything else that goes into a home painting project, hiring a professional makes it all much easier and provides the expertise you need to get the best result. Cordova-based Riggins Painting loves serving our immediate neighbors and beyond. Arrange a free painting estimate by calling (901) 444-0944 or scheduling via our website.

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